Standardize & control quoting in your company

Prepare detailed, good-looking proposals 4x faster than now. Engage buyers, get insights and close more deals. Satisfaction guaranteed.

What is Apropo?

Apropo is a proposal automation tool specifically for software agile, efficient companies and specialists.

Standardize sales & increase revenue with smart templates, session recording and shorter reply times.

Standards, organization
and oversight

Track all deals from a single, convenient dashboard that operates like any other project board. Introduce repetitiveness and deal quality oversight in your company.

Respond rapidly using smart templates

Fully style proposals any elements of your proposal to match company branding. Save your own templates and attach PDF files that seamlessly blend with the quoting table.

Save time with automatic estimation

Generate proposals with a single button, make quick adjustments and be done. Save sopecialist hours and re-use historic data to power our automatic estimation mechanism.

Close more deals with session recording

Never again wonder why a deal did not work out. See second-by-second how your customer reacted to your proposal, where they had suggestions or churned out.

For whom?

Apropo works great where you need to prepare many quotations for your leads and customers. Freelancers, consultancies, agencies and contractors are a great fit.