SpyroSoft case study
One centralized and structured place for estimation

SpyroSoft provides clients with excellent software and high-quality digital products. They’re also committed to building reliable and long-term partnerships. Their in-depth understanding of business goals, combined with excellent technical expertise, make them a good fit to level up businesswa, regardless of maturity.

Although they started small, they’ve quickly grown in size going from 3 people to 1200+ in multiple offices and 150+ customers supported worldwide. SpyroSoft’s organisational structure may have changed, but their values have stayed the same.

Apropo allowed us to move from shared Excel files that always go missing to one centralized and structured place for estimation. Now everyone involved in estimation has access to all past and current work and their status. This not only saves time, but allows us to always give our clients the most accurate offers. Additionally, thanks to the elements library functionality, less experienced team members have lesser chances to miss important elements of our offers.

Łukasz Gawroński, CTO at Spyrosoft eCommerce

Top benefits for Spyrosoft

Faster estimation

Templates and libraries to speed up estimation


Kanban dashboard – to quickly see what is current status of offer

Better analytics

Insight into clients decision making process thanks to analytics

What you'll get


4x quicker project estimations


25% more projects won


Proposal analytics & data