Case studies

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"Apropo delivers great value for our team. The tool makes estimation take less time and allows us to properly structure & process incoming requests in a  timely manner. I can recommend Apropo to software companies with sales processes that involve more than 2 people, it really shines in such scenarios."

Michał Andrzejewski, Key Account Manager, Nextrope

Apropo allowed us to move from shared Excel files that always go missing to one centralized and structured place for estimation. Everyone involved in estimation has access to all past and current work. This not only saves time, but allows us to always give our clients accurate offers. Additionally, thanks to the elements library functionality, less experienced team members have lesser chances to miss important elements of our offers.

Łukasz Gawroński, CTO at Spyrosoft eCommerce

This really is far, far more than another templating tool. The automatic estimation & customer screen recording provide great value.

Our company runs 2 separate customer types: individual users and developers. We also strive to have deals with real estate agents, construction firms and furniture companies. We see huge value in using Apropo in the most crucial partner negotiations.

Taras Gopko, CEO, VRpartments

What is Apropo?

Apropo is a proposal automation tool specifically for software development companies and specialists.

Standardize sales & increase revenue with smart templates, session recording and shorter reply times.